InFrame is a personal, easy to setup and use Photo Blog / Journal. However, it is not a text blog that can have photos. Rather, it is a photo blog that has some text. With InFrame, the photo IS the blog.

InFrame is designed to showcase the photograph, which in turn is meant to be viewed slowly, to be fully enjoyed. After that, if curiosity about the photo kicks in, the viewer can read the accompanying text.

For each InFrame blog, there is one owner: you. The admin link is for you to maintain your InFrame. Otherwise, it is for public (read-only) consumption. You do have the option of allowing comments and ratings. You can also allow your photos' EXIF data (if it exists) to be seen.



Future features

Leave me some feedback, let me know what kinds of things you want to see in InFrame.

InFrame is (c) 2008, Richard Tong.

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