Note about photo uploads

If you have trouble uploading photos, you should be aware of a few things.

PHP by default only allows uploads of 2MB or less. You should increase the following parameters in your php.ini file:

upload_max_filesize (default 2M)
post_max_size (default 8M)
memory_limit (default 16M)

Multiple InFrame sites on your server

InFrame is designed for one artist, and probably will never become a "blog community". But you can have as many artists on your server as you want, simply by giving each person their own InFrame installation.

Just install InFrame with each person's name. For example, instead of /var/www/InFrame, install it as /var/www/Mary, /var/www/Bill, and so on. Each artist will have their own URL to their InFrame blog (ie: Mary's URL is

I am working on adding books (catalogs) to InFrame. If you want this feature NOW, you could always setup multiple InFrame sites for each of your books. You would however, have to set up a front-end page that has links to each of your different installations.

For more information, see the USERGUIDE file in the Doc subdirectory of the InFrame distribution.

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